Convulsive Walls —Curated by Steffi Klenz

15 March 2012  - 20 April 2012

Anna Barriball, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Steffi Klenz, Gregor Schneider, Helen Sear, Lyndsay Seers and Esther Teichmann

“…as soon as imagination finds a way of expression we feel that reality is nothing and imagination is everything.” (Gaston Bachelard, “On Poetic Imagination and Reverie”, 1971)

Convulsive Walls challenges conventional conceptions of our environment, exploring interior space as a location for transition and transformation and suggesting that ‘space’ and how we understand it is derived from the emotional and psychological investment.

Comprising a selection of lens-based works Convulsive Walls seeks a new and non-literal understanding of space. A wall is of course a wall, a door is a door and a room is a room, but everyday structures carry the imprint of past, personal and or fictional experience with them and it is these suggested narratives that the exhibition aims to tease out.

Private emotions and experiences become transposed onto the space presenting a surreal, sublime understanding of the possibilities of the domestic. The functional and objective order of the world suddenly collapses and imagination erupts.

The artists featured in this exhibition seek to discern the uncanny beneath the surface of the everyday and present the dynamic, subversive lyrical forces that underlie physical appearance and straightforward sensory perception.

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